The city of North York covers the entire northern half of Toronto and nearly touches almost every other city or town that makes up the Greater Toronto Area. It’s great size can only provide many places to live for apartment goers while taking in fact the issues of price and accessibility for people wanting to work in Toronto.

Our location is right in the plaza known to all residents as Peanut Plaza. A small local mall built and targeted towards the residents in the area within the apartments and town houses. We are honored to be right next to the famous fast food restaurant, McDonalds, which is a great coincide as we are their sole affiliate with the Ronald McDonald House of Toronto. We have more than six (6) employees working to serve you with any questions, comments or suggestions on how we can make your fashion frenzy experience even better.

Store Address
3040 Don Mills Road
North York, ON
M2J 3C1
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Phone Number:
(416) 901-6553