Scarborough is a city in southern Ontario, Canada, situated in the eastern region of the City of Toronto on Lake Ontario. Scarborough has a population of roughly 593,297 (2001), more than half of whom were born out of Canada, thus giving the city great multiculturalism. Scarborough is more than simply part of Toronto; it is a city unto itself with plenty to explore!

Our location is landmarked right next to the famous Harveys and Toys’R’Us. Our Scarborough location is our largest outlet store filled with extraordinary items in a clean and spacious environment for your children to enjoy their stay. We have more than eight (8) employees working to serve you with any questions, comments or suggestions on how we can make your fashion frenzy experience even better.

Store Address
1448 Lawrence Avenue East
Toronto, ON
M4A 2S8
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(416) 850-6799